30 - Apr 2022

A new advisory based on a joint federal and private sector investigation sheds light on a substantial threat to Industrial Control Systems (ICS). According to the advisory recently published by the Department of Energy, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the NSA, the FBI, and privately owned companies, the aggressive toolkit allows hackers to disrupt or even take over Schneider’s and OMRON’s PLC’s, which are the beating hearts of our most critical infrastructure. Some even referred to the new threat as “the most extensive attack tool ever documented for industrial control systems.”

The advisory mentions that the malware ( also known as “Pipedream”) exploits the software Codesys, which is employed by other PLC manufacturers, in order to take control over the PLC. Hence, every ICS can potentially be targeted and compromised by this attack. The freshly released advisory serves as an alarming wake-up call to operators across industries, urging them to quickly scale-up to protect their critical infrastructure and processes.

With cyberattacks on critical infrastructure becoming evermore frequent and dangerous, SIGA OT Solutions level – 0 solution is the only way to monitor mission-critical machinery even in the event of a compromised PLC, to ensure your business continuity and integrity.

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