08 - Sep 2022

Cyway is a Dubai-based emerging leader in value-add cybersecurity distribution with a mission to be a leading cybersecurity business enabler for cloud and SaaS. It has partnered with leading technology alliances to provide solutions as well as consulting and professional services to partners and customers across the Middle East and Africa. Cyway offers extensive experience, expertise, industry insight, established ecosystem of reseller partners, and a track record of exceptional service.

As Mahmoud Rabi, Director of Sales at Cyway mentioned “Critical infrastructure organizations worldwide are facing a sharp rise in the quantity and severity of cyber-attacks against their most valuable assets. Threat actors ideally target vital components in Level 0 (sensors, PLCs, actuators, processes… etc.) to achieve their ultimate goals by disrupting critical processes. In the case of a country’s basic and vital infrastructures, the consequences could be more lethal. Think about Power Plans, Electricity and Water utilities, Oil Refineries…”. He further mentions that “Maintaining continuous monitoring of the electrical signals as Level 0 (AKA Zone 0) production lines is crucial. With Siga the gap is bridged where operators will be able to continuously, and in a real time, monitor all electrical signals to detect processes anomalies and device outages that may not get reported into Level 1 and above”.

Siga and CyWay are excited to collaborate to elevate OT cybersecurity in the Gulf region to Level 0 in order to promote cyber resilience to a whole different level.


Read more about our partnership : Cyway and SIGA OT Solutions Sign Distribution Agreement – Cyway (