People worldwide depend on the provision of energy. Cyber perpetrators are aware of the zero-tolerance to downtime approach the energy industry has adopted, and they are taking advantage of this weak spot by targeting the power sector with persistent assaults.

SigaGuard outsmarts the attackers by monitoring the electrical signals directly from the physical layer, Level 0. The unmatched visibility SigaGuard offers ensures that even if the RTU/RTAC/PLC’s are compromised, operators have full visibility into their critical assets. This unparalleled situational awareness assists operators in minimizing the repercussions of cyber-attacks and reduce downtimes.



Cyber attacks pose severe threats to the water industry, from downtimes, to contaminations and malicious planned floodings. Water, being an indispensable resource, serves as the perfect target for perpetrators, leaving water facilities in ever-growing risk of becoming a victim of cyber-attacks.

SIGA provides inaccessible insights to critical assets directly from the most reliable source, Level 0. SigaGuard ensures operators feel the machinery’s pulse, ensuring they can act-upon cyberattacks on the most quick and effective way to secure the provision of such a vital resource.



There are just innumerable devastating results a cyberattack on chemical production plants can have. From mass explosions to severe contaminations, all posing real threat to human lives. To manage such assaults and even prevent them, the operators must be totally aligned with their assets’ state.

SIGA’s unique solution detects attacks by monitoring electrical signals, providing the operators with the most reliable source of information. The operators utilize these unparalleled insights to confront cyberattacks while having the upper hand, assisting them to minimize the risks of such assaults.



Identifying processes anomalies serves as a game-changer for the manufacturing industry. Real-time alerts on anomalies that would otherwise go unnoticed grants operators with unmatched visibility and unparalleled insights.

Whether it is a cyberattack, malfunction, or misuse, SIGA’s cutting-edge technology equips organizations with valuable data to scale-up the cyber resilience of their critical assets and processes.



Oil & Gas organizations are vulnerable to the ever-growing severity of cyberattacks. These attacks target the various companies operating in the Oil & Gas vertical to harm their reputation and cause catastrophic physical damage to assets and the environment.

Monitoring Level 0 serves as the ultimate shield against cyberattacks. The in-depth and real-time alerts leverages the industry’s cyber resiliency to effectively handle cyber assaults and minimize their consequences.



Cyber-attacks against building management systems (BMS) or building automation systems (BAS) are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, requiring stronger, more comprehensive defenses than ever before. BMS/BAS are responsible for multiple data centers controlling other sensitive systems requiring constant and uniform voltage, like temperature monitoring, emergency response capabilities, generator operations, cooling systems, and more.

SIGAGUARD™ saves countless “human-hours” by producing automatic & continuous operational reports on demand, providing real-time data on each process as well as pinpointing critical endpoints for monitoring. Real-time fault detection is invaluable to critical asset management and operational reliability.



Despite securing the networks, data centers remain vulnerable to undetected attacks. Cyberattacks such as Stuxnet (2010), Irongate (2016) and PipeDream (2022), compromise PLCs without the operators even being aware to the PLCs’ being hacked.

SigaGuard the only Out-of Band solution to monitor raw and untampered electrical signals detects what would otherwise go unnoticed. SIGA’s forefront ML algorithms ensure data centers gain full visibility of their critical assets in real-time to reduce downtimes to a minimum.



The mining industry is experiencing a shift towards digitization in an ever-more connected environment. The industry seeks for solution to safeguard its essential assets and processes in light of their growing connectivity.

SIGA’s forefront anomaly detection solution, SigaGuard, ensures the mining industry with visibility like no other solution does. SigaGuard provides real-time alerts to ensure mining operators act-upon cyberattacks and operational failures in the most fast and effective way. SigaGuard’s cutting-edge ML algorithms provide unique insights to minimize the threats to the production processes to a minimum.



The transportation industry moves the world, with millions of people relying on the industry’s provisions daily. Cyberattacks targeting the electrification of the transportation industry and its control systems pose an immediate threats to passengers’ safety and organizations’ integrity.

SIGA’s unparalleled solution ensures organization across the transportation industry can act upon cyber threats in the most fast and effective way. By monitoring the electrical signals directly from Level 0, SigaGuard provides organization with ultimate process awareness to minimize the repercussions of such attacks.