Uniquely positioned between the sensors & actuators (Level 0) and the PLC (Level 1), SigaGuard provides real-time alerts at the very first sign of a process anomaly. Whether caused by a cyber-attack or an electrical/mechanical fault, SigaGuard will detect and report about it immediately.

Process oriented monitoring

The physical processes are the most vulnerable aspects of organizations worldwide, SigaGuard provides process oriented cyber monitoring like no other solution does.

Raw electrical signal monitoring

SigaGuard monitors the most valuable source of data- raw electrical signals, to provide you with inaccessible insights to secure your organization’s cyber and operational resilience.

Protocol agnostic

SigaGuard can be adapted to any vendor, protocol or device to ensure ultimate alignment with your assets and processes.

Cyber Security

Real- time alerts of cyber-attacks targeting the critical assets reported directly to the operators.

Process analytics

Provide unparalleled insights into the device and sensor performance, optimizing industrial equipment maintenance, strategies, and costs.

Asset Performance Optimization

Bring new and unmatched visibility into physical processes to improve industrial operations.

Regulatory Reporting

Ensures compliance with regulators’ requirements and standards.

Process Efficiency

Optimize your operational efficiency without disrupting existing processes.

Safety Management

Strengthen industrial safety management by identifying, assessing and mitigating potential risks to sensor operations and equipment.

Insurance compliant

Comply with the insurance requirements and reduce the premium costs.

Big Data Analytics

Scale-up industrial operations by leveraging SigaGuard as a powerful tool for analyzing historical and ongoing records.

Quick & easy to install

SigaGuard is installed within a day and can be installed by your in-house technician.


Real-world operational status of your critical assets.

No false alarms

Detect real-time anomalies with no false alarms.


SigaGuard senses the machinery’s pulse by monitoring the electrical signals and providing operators with the most reliable data.

Machine learning

Cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms ensure fast and precise detection of cyber-attacks.


100% Out-of-Band located on-site and completely isolated from externally connected networks.