Be visible – uncover hidden insights

SigaGuard feels the machinery’s pulse and detects anomalies that will otherwise go unnoticed.Be agile – identify first, act fast

Be agile – identify first, act fast

SigaGuard notifies of cyberattacks as soon as these initiate, enabling organization to act-upon the risks quickly and efficiently.

Be accurate – know your assets

SigaGuard lights-up the darkest corners of your assets’ behavior, so you can feel your machinery’s pulse to improve the integrity and continuity of your critical assets.

Be accountable – stay up to date

SigaGuard monitors your assets 24/7, providing cutting-edge visualization around the clock.

Be efficient – save time and money

SigaGuard is Plug & Play solution- with a seamless one-day installation you will be receiving unparalleled insights from day 1.

Be confident – we’ve got your back

SIGA OT Solution is a certified provider with proven expertise in the OT cybersecurity field.