Take your industrial assets
to the next level

Providing cost-effective value from day one,
Siga significantly improves asset resilience,
while providing alerts and insights
at the earliest possible opportunity

Be visible.

Discover hidden insights

Siga uses electric signals before they are filtered in the conversion to a network data stream by the PLC, so you can discover anomalies that may otherwise go undetected.

Be agile.

Identify first, act fast

Siga gives you the earliest indication of malfunctions, misuse or cyberattacks, enabling you take the appropriate action at the first possible opportunity.

Be accurate.

Know your asset

Siga works at the most granular level possible to give you the most accurate asset profiling.

Be accountable.

Stay up to date

Siga provides ongoing asset functioning and anomaly reporting, so you don’t miss a thing.

Be efficient.

Save time and money

Siga’s solution is simple and economical, requiring minimal resources. It’s also quick and easy to install and provides value from day one!

Be confident.

Count on us

Siga is an industry authority with proven expertise and experience in machine-learning, operating technology, industrial critical infrastructure and cyber security.