SIGA is committed to elevating OT cybersecurity to Level – 0 and we want you to join SIGA’s journey towards a smarter and safer world.

Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure are no longer a question of how but rather a question of when. SIGA elevates Level – 0 cybersecurity to protect the physical layer directly from the source. SIGA’s solution, SIGAGUARD, monitors the electrical signals coming directly from the assets’ sensors and actuators to really feel the machinery’s pulse.

SIGAGUARD serves as a cutting-edge detection solution, providing the operators with unmatched visibility into their assets’ state around the clock, to ensure the recovery from cyber-attacks is conducted in the most fast and effective way.

Unlike any other cybersecurity solution, SIGAGUARD does not measure data packets, which can be easily hacked, but rather offers a 100% out-of-band solution safeguarding your assets’ visibility 24/7.


As our partner you’ll get a chance to be at the forefront of industry 4.0, promoting an unparalleled solution to secure critical infrastructure across industries.

SIGA Level –
0 OT Cybersecurity Training

We offer our customers and partners access to a unique online lab- where you and your clients can test SIGA’s capabilities by launching various attacks and see the solution in action and visualize the enormous importance of elevating cybersecurity to level 0.

assistance & sales support

Our experienced sales team is fully committed to our partners, offering them on-going technical and sales training. Our sales personnel also provide our partners with lead generation to ensure they reach the best opportunities possible.

High margins

Most importantly, we appreciate our partners’ effort, and we want to share our success with them. That is why we guarantee our partners with high margins of 20% for silver partners and up to 25% for gold partners.

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