SigaGuard is an Out-of-Band, cyber security solution for Operational Technology (OT) environments.
Equipped with forefront technology, SigaGuard is the only solution that protects mission critical machinery and processes from Level 0.


Detached from IT networks, SigaGuard is a Plug & Play solution that allows remote monitoring completely agnostic to the ICS platform


Gain visibility of the deepest source of unfiltered and un-hackable data by monitoring electrical signals at the physical layer (Level 0)


Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms detect cyber and operational anomalies and deliver actionable insights.

Parallel Reference Monitoring (PRM)

The PRM system conducts a constant comparison between the data packets reaching the PLC and the information coming from the electrical signals to SigaGuard. SIGA’s PRM add-on detects cyberattacks such as Stuxnet in a matter of second and reports about them instantly.

The PRM add-on was developed to compare between what appears in the HMI to what actually happens below the surface, at Level 0. This comparison prevents attacks such as HMI Spoofing, as the PRM add-on provides operators with constant visualization into Level 0, ensuring operators have the upper hand in case of a cyber-attack.


SigaGuard for SOC and Managed Service Providers (MSSPs)

SigaGuard offers SOC OT with the most reliable source of data, coming directly from the asset’s electrical signals, which cannot be hacked or circumvented.

SigaGuard enables a wide variety of notification options (SMS, email) as well as a direct integration to SIEM-SOC via Syslog, XML or REST API.

SigaGuard as-a-service for SOC and MSSPs is an ideal anomaly detection solution – secured to the core, reliable, and cost effective.