08 - May 2022

In light of the waging Russian war on Ukraine over the past two months and the recent collaborative “ Pipedream Malware”  advisory, the Biden administration has publicly announced the ever-growing likelihood of severe Russian cyberattacks against the US’s critical infrastructure.

Jen Easterly, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) director urges companies to quickly scale-up to protect themselves from such potential attacks, as she further explains: “ that’s why we’ve been telling everybody consistently, shields up. What does that mean? It means assume there will be disruptive cyber activity and make sure you are prepared for it.”.

The repercussions of such Russian attacks can be disastrous, as Mrs. Easterly puts it “ Everything that you do, hour by hour, is largely dependent in some way on the critical infrastructure. How you get gas at the local pump, how you get food at the grocery store, how you get money from your ATM, how you get your power, how you get your water, how you communicate – all of that is our critical infrastructure. And that’s what we’re saying is at potential risk to a Russian malicious cyberattack.”.

Damage to critical infrastructure can seriously affect both the private and public sector with tremendous consequences, denying crucial services like water or electricity, long and expensive shutdowns, as well as immediate risk to human lives through planned contamination or explosions.

Shielding-up is no longer a recommendation, but rather an urgent necessity to effectively fight against such malicious attacks.

Dark times lay ahead, but bright solutions such as SIGA’s can ensure operators are informed of such attacks in real-time. SIGA provides operators with granular visibility like no other solution does, so that they can handle the situation in the most adequate and quick manner possible, to reduce the risks of such attacks.

Level – 0 monitoring can be employed in order to detect such attacks on-the-spot, as they unfold. Not only will monitoring level- 0 allow operators to keep track of the attack’s unrolling, but it will also indicate the precise locations of the attack, as well as the parameters that are being tricked by the perpetrators. Equipped with such in-depth insights operators can wisely navigate through the situation and minimize the prospect dangers.

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