Simplifying asset
maintenance & security


Accurate location of malfunctions to avoid turbine downtime

Cyber Security for the Energy Industry

Cyber Security

Take cyber security of your facility to the next level with SigaPlatform, a simple ICS/SCADA solution for the cyber security of the energy industry. See otherwise hidden anomalies in critical infrastructure cybersecurity; receive alerts about malfunctions or cyber security attacks; get insights with continuous monitoring and Machine Learning.

SIGA safeguards energy assets by real-time, out-of-band monitoring of raw electrical signals from devices (level 0) – as opposed to data packets which can be hacked and altered. SIGA delivers unique visibility into physical processes – supporting more informed decision making.

The system provides customizable real-time alerts and enables ICS/SCADA operators to consolidate all critical sensor data into one platform for optimized situational awareness. The SigaPlatform™ is an essential ICS security, level 0 solution, featuring seamless integration with all other IP-based solutions in the ICS network.

Operational Technology for the Energy Industry

Operational Technology

SIGA monitors the raw electrical signals from actual devices (Zone 0) and applies advanced analytics of real-time sensor data, historical performance and other metrics to ensure continuous, reliable and optimized operations in legacy and critical energy infrastructure.

Anomaly Detection, and unsupervised machine-learning can help predict future anomalies before they occur enabling preventative measures to avoid costly repairs and downtime and to ensure energy asset performance optimization.