The attack on U.S. cybersecurity firm FireEye and the Solution

FIRE EYE breach

Yesterday, Dec. 08th,  it was announced that an unprecedented attack on cybersecurity company “FireEye” took place.

This attack highlights the vulnerability of global network infrastructure. We are taught again that hackers with enough determination and resources, will eventually penetrate our most highly sophisticated and robust digital walls. It’s a difficult challenge, but at least for OT/ICS environments we have something to do about it today.

SIGA has a solution that is truly out-of-band. Not just applicative out-of-band but a real one. The SIGA system doesn’t receive even one packet of data from the network level, which makes it completely isolated and unaffected by the network. Monitoring the electric signals transmitted directly from the critical assets is by far the most viable and reliable method to detect any malicious cyber-attack on operational machinery and equipment. The SIGAGUARD solution diagnoses the un-filtered and un-hackable electric signals directly from level 0, delivering complete out-of-band bulletproof protection to the mission-critical operational assets.

One more thing to consider. The FireEye attack in itself will probably pose a threat not only to FireEye, but also to their customers. Implementing a security solution must take into account possible new attack vectors that might be created by the very solution that is there to protect it. In that sense, the SIGA solution is completely safe, as no hacker can use the SIGA system to launch an attack on the OT assets.