OTIFYD and SIGA partner to deliver AI enhanced OT cybersecurity solutions for industry, utilities and critical infrastructure 

02 - Jul 2023

OTIFYD and SIGA today announced a partnership to deliver advanced process-oriented OT security for critical operations in the Europe and GCC region. This partnership combines SIGA’s level 0 monitoring solution with OTIFYD’s industry-leading services and solutions portfolio to safely deploy and secure OT assets from cyberattacks and critical failures.

Cyberattacks in operational environments (OT) are on the rise, and hackers identify potential targets by evaluating the extent of the disruption they can cause along with its consequences. Any kind of organization carrying out critical processes, whether it is drilling oil or transmitting electricity, is highly susceptible to such cyber assaults.

Signal integrity and Process Oriented Detection (POD) are becoming one of the key factors for OT security and resiliency. Control networks are considered insecure by design, meaning lacking fundamental security measures to prevent hackers from tampering with controller logic. In addition to much needed network security, a similar approach is needed for securing process sensors that feed the controller and the network. SigaGuard is the leading process-oriented detection (POD) solution based on Level 0 information which cannot be tampered with or masked and enhanced with advanced AI algorithms.

“SIGA OT was that missing puzzle piece in our toolbox that has expanded and completed the range of monitoring solutions within our portfolio stack.” Said Ali Bozorgmir, Global Director – OT security Solutions. “It has enabled us to offer our clients the possibility to monitor what used to be a blind spot in the core of their operation which is instrumentation level (level 0 to level 1). Now we’re able to provide end to end monitoring, detection, and alerting capabilities across the entire Purdue model.”

OTIFYD’s innovative approach towards cybersecurity aligns perfectly with SIGA’s cutting-edge Level 0 monitoring solution, driving at making Operation Technology (OT) systems more cyber resilient.


OTIFYD is an elite team of highly trained and experienced industrial control system and automation and certified security experts with their prime and only focus on industrial cyber security, bridging the IT and OT divide by providing consultancy services and solutions across EMEA, enabling organizations and asset owners to operate their primary processes with confidence in a secure and protected environment.

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