Ask Me Anything (AMA) – Dalia Energies <> SIGA

04 - Dec 2023

An insightful Ask Me Anything (AMA) session featuring Alon Hazay, CISO at Dalia Energies, as he unveils the game-changing impact of SIGA’s Level 0 monitoring for CISOs and OT cybersecurity. Discover the fundamentals of Level 0, hear about Alon’s deployment journey at Dalia Energies, and gain valuable insights into how this technology redefines the cybersecurity landscape.

The session will culminate in an open Q&A, offering you the chance to directly engage with Alon and pose your burning questions about Level 0 and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.

Raise your burning questions in the event’s page on LinkedIn and join us live on Wednesday 13th of December from 03:15 – 4 PM (CET).

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