Relentless cyber-attacks around the world

15 - Dec 2022

As cyber threats are growing ever-more intense and frequent, it’s time for organizations worldwide to learn from the past and implement best practices to ensure they can act upon these cyber-attacks and prevent them.

From Ukraine and Saudi Arabia all the way to the United States, no one is fully immune, and attackers are taking advantage of that. Eventually, anything that can be programmed can be hacked, and so operators are left to solve an almost impossible issue- how can they protect something that can be hacked whenever?

A cyber-attack is not a question of “if” but a question “when”, and even though operators cannot fully prevent these attacks, they can ensure they possess the best tools to deal with such breaches quickly and effectively to minimize the attack’s consequences.

By capitalizing on Level 0, operators can gain unparalleled visibility into their critical assets to ensure that no matter when they will be targeted by a cyber-attack, they will have direct access to cutting-edge insights to act upon these threats in the most efficient way.