The dangerous Florida cyber water attack

Florida breach

Much of the attention on the dangerous Florida cyber water attack goes into the attack vector. You can hear voices such as “what can you expect if they left the door open?”

SIGA’s message is this: there will always be an open door! Persistent attackers will always find a way inside OT assets.
That should be the premise for any water, power or industrial operator – control systems are vulnerable, and cannot be “cyber sealed”.

What can we do about it?
Critical infrastructure operators need monitoring and real-time detection tools that are independent, completely isolated from network based manipulations.
SIGA’s solution monitors critical assets at Level 0, out-of-band from the IT/OT network. This layer is unhackable and tamper-proof, and will detect any process malfunction or failure at the machinery level, regardless where the attack came from.
SIGA has been deployed in numerous water, power and industrial facilities, providing bulletproof protection to the mission-critical operational assets.