Siga OT Solutions launched a pilot with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Siga OT Solutions launched a pilot with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Today, Current and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) launched a new pilot project to evaluate Siga OT Solutions’ critical infrastructure monitoring technology.
Israel-based Siga developed SigaPlatform, which uses machine learning-based predictive analytics algorithms to protect critical devices and systems by monitoring the electrical signals that control them. This approach helps to ensure proper equipment operation and provides an immediate warning at the first sign of an anomaly that could indicate a malfunction or potential threat.
“The MWRD is committed to the resilience, safety and security of our treatment plants and we are excited to test this new technology,” said MWRD Board President Mariyana Spyropoulos “Current’s ability to find and evaluate technologies that fit our needs makes them an important innovation partner to our operations.”

The SigaPlatform technology will be installed this week at MWRD’s Lockport Powerhouse on the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal. The Powerhouse generates an average of 40 million kWh per year. “As an innovation partner, Current helps our members source validated technologies and leverage our testbed network to pilot innovations like SigaPlatform,” said Current Executive Director Steve Frenkel. “This project demonstrates how Current delivers value for innovators and end-users by reducing technology development and deployment risk.”


The six-month pilot will monitor the MWRD’s water level equipment and provide further insight for operators who regulate canal levels to prevent local flooding and river reversals to Lake Michigan during rain events, while allowing for recreational and commercial navigation on the Chicago area waterways.

“Siga’s control system monitoring solution provides an important early warning in the event of an anomaly to enable the operator to intervene before harm or damage occur,” said Siga founder & CEO Amir Samoiloff. “Current connected our company to this pilot opportunity at MWRD and managed the process, which will be vital for the validation of our technology in the global water and wastewater market.” Current’s technology sourcing, validation and piloting services
are core to the Current Demonstration Program. Current partners with technology companies, utilities, industries and investors in Chicagoland and worldwide to advance water innovation.

Download the full story: 20180423 Siga Press Release- MWRD PDF