Check out the fascinating interview with our CEO, Amir Samoiloff to Annjil Chong, DIGITIMES, Taiwan

DIGITIMES Asia is publishing a series of interview articles with Israeli startups focusing on cybersecurity.

By partnering with Taiwan Trade & Innovation Center, Tel Aviv, DIGITIMES Asia introduces unique cybersecurity solutions for various industries, including automobile and industrial automation.

“We believe that OT [Operational Technology] has better advantages than IT in terms of detecting and understanding cybersecurity,” SIGA’s CEO Amir Samoiloff said. “SIGA’s protocols are just metaphysics, for instance, reading electric signals. The electrical signal of Level 0 from both the sensors and the actuators, for instance, is physics. And physics can’t lie.”

SIGA’s focus on Level 0 of the Purdue Model (PRM) positions SigaGuard, as a one-of-a-kind cyber solution, providing its customers with unmatched visibility into their critical assets, to detect and prevent cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. 

SIGA is thrilled to collaborate with Taiwanese businesses, “We are looking for value added partners like cyber security integrators, control system integrators, and others that can make a difference and add value in terms of selling and integrating cyber solutions in OT environments” says Samoiloff, and he adds “Taiwan is the next country to invest in Asia”.