The Seal Of Excellent

SIGA was recently Certified with the Seal of Excellence as an acknowledgement of SIGA’s contribution to the Horizon 2020 framework by the European Commission.

As the world moves towards Industry 4.0, automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies has become a necessity, not a luxury. While this has come with many opportunities, it has put most companies at an increased risk of cyber-attacks and system damage.
We have developed SigaPlatform, a next-generation Cyber-Security solution comprising of a hardware component placed at the
critical infrastructure, together with a first of its kind artificial intelligence platform that measures low-level electric signals.
This disruptive approach not only means SigaPlatform cannot be hacked from the operational network but ensures secure out-of-band communication. SigaPlatform represents a total shift from the conventional anomaly detection solutions located at the IT-networks and prone to attacks by bringing a low level, impenetrable defence block for ICS-SCADA systems.