A Grim Gap: Cybersecurity of Level 1 Field Devices


Joseph Weiss, P.E., Fellow at International Society of Automation (ISA), Managing Director of ISA Control System Cybersecurity, addresses the much-discussed convergence between IT and operational technology (OT). Weiss, is an energy industry veteran who helped shape several power sector security primers and implementation guidelines over decades, at the Electric Power Research Institute, and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and ISA. In an interview with POWER, Weiss said, “I believe the biggest overall problem control system/operations has with the cybersecurity community is that community’s focus on ‘protecting the network,’ rather than ‘protecting the operational systems/process.’

“Only one company to date, SIGA OT Solutions, is addressing the validity and authentication of Level 1 legacy devices by examining the electrical signal characteristics in real-time, Weiss noted. “Many other ICS firms are looking at sensor security at the packet level. Only SIGA is looking at it at the raw signal level”.

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