Simplifying asset
maintenance & security


Utility’s SCADA system misses key anomaly by filtering electric signals

cyber security for water utilities

Cyber Security

SIGA safeguards water infrastructure assets by monitoring raw, unhackable electrical signals (level 0) of critical assets and brings unmatched cybersecurity into physical processes, to provide real-time anomaly detection and to support intelligent, real-time, business-critical decision making.

SIGA offers water infrastructure operators greater operational reliability and control over mission-critical systems – preventing service interruptions and enabling full compliance with strict regulatory regimes including the “Water Infrastructure Act”.

Operational Technology for water utilities

Operational Technology

SIGA uses out-of-band, machine learning powered predictive analytics to protect critical water infrastructure assets by monitoring the electrical signals from devices (Zone 0). SIGA’s incipient failure detection technology directly monitors raw electrical signals rather than data packets to detect process anomalies faster and at far greater resolution.

Siga delivers unmatched visibility into physical processes – supporting more informed decision-making. The system provides customizable, real-time alerts and enables water infrastructure operators to consolidate all critical sensor data into one platform for optimized situational awareness and process optimization.