Simplifying asset
maintenance & security



critical infrastructure protection

Cyber Security

SIGA safeguards machines and manufacturing assets by real-time, out-of-band monitoring of raw electrical signals from devices (level 0) – as opposed to data packets which can be hacked and altered. SIGA’s core solution is a next generation anomaly detection platform which copies and analyzes raw electrical sensor data, provides multi layered analysis to identify process abnormalities and to generate alerts.

Manufacturing OT

Operational Technology

SIGA’s out of band monitoring of the raw electrical signals from actual devices (Zone 0) provide anomaly detection, unparalleled visibility and insights into manufacturing processes. Application of advanced analytics to actual electrical sensor data, historical performance and unsupervised machine learning ensure continuous, reliable, optimized manufacturing operations, reduce scrap, enhance product quality and increase output.

The electrical signals are acquired directly from the control loop between the sensors/actuators and the PLC using unidirectional isolators and transferred to a separate network. This raw data is analyzed by SIGA’s smart AI engine providing real-time, totally reliable status of the critical end-devices of the OT network.