Simplifying asset
maintenance & security

Data Centers

Cyber Security & Uptime Maximization

Cyber Security

While securing the data-network is crucial, it remains vulnerable despite the layers of protection installed, and the operators wouldn’t even know it  — as demonstrated at the Stuxnet (2010), Irongate (2016) and Black Hat (2019) events, where PLCs were hacked and compromised without detection or operator awareness of such compromise.

This vulnerability can be solved by monitoring the most reliable source of information, the physical source – the raw (un-hackable) electrical signals at level 0 – sensors and actuators.

Operational Technology

SIGA develops and markets unique, independent, and out-of-band OT & cyber security and process optimization & operational reliability by monitoring electrical signals from Level 0 (between PLC and device actuators and sensors) providing independent verification and validation from the device level.

We apply advanced analytics & machine learning for anomaly detection, process optimization and failure prediction to increase up-time, maximize downtime, and provide an operational ROI.