Simplifying asset
maintenance & security


Monitoring critical HVAC systems alerting infrastructure from cyber attack or malfunctioning

critical infrastructure protection

Cyber Security

SIGA safeguards building systems and physical assets by monitoring raw, unhackable electrical signals (level 0) of critical devices and brings unmatched cybersecurity to electrical-mechanical equipment in building management systems.

SIGA offers operators greater operational reliability and control over mission-critical systems – preventing service interruptions.

BMS Operational Technology

Operational Technology

Siga delivers unmatched visibility into physical processes – supporting more informed decision-making. The system provides customizable, real-time alerts and enables building managers and operators to consolidate all critical sensor data into one platform for optimized situational awareness and BMS process optimization.

SIGA’s core solution is a next generation anomaly detection platform which copies and analyzes raw data based on fully out-of-band hardware, reliable encrypted data delivery and multi layered analysis aiming to identify process abnormalities and generating new and valuable operational insights.