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Building Management Systems (BMS)

Cyber Security & OT Anomaly Detection

critical infrastructure protection

Cyber Security

In this era of “smart” buildings, connectivity and technology are being incorporated at unprecedented scales. An incapacitated elevator, a gas leak in the heating system, an HVAC cyber security breach or a complete unanticipated building lockdown are simple examples of the catastrophic effects of a critical infrastructure hack or malfunction in BMS security. Unfortunately, these are not hypothetical scenarios, and present new challenges to prevent damage, loss and even the loss of human lives in the Building Management System (or Building Automation System) industry and the communities they serve.

Maintaining real-time situational awareness and operational reliability and the ability to independently detect any operations anomaly give operators the chance to visualize the most authentic, real-time, real-life situation of the infrastructure and ensure critical asset management, operational reliability, process optimization and protect human life.

Although network firewalls and security systems offer increased security by establishing a defensive barrier between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network by monitoring the network level for the BMS system, PLCs remain vulnerable and eventually can be compromised with potential catastrophic consequences. 

Operational Technology

SIGA develops and markets unique, independent, and out-of-band OT & cyber security and process optimization & operational reliability by monitoring electrical signals from Level 0 (between PLC and device actuators and sensors) providing independent verification and validation from the device level. We apply advanced analytics & unsupervised machine learning for anomaly detection, process optimization and failure prediction. 

BMS OT & cybersecurity affect the following types of infrastructures:

  • Commercial / Residential Buildings
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Military Installations
  • Emergency Management Centers (OEMs)
  • Command and Emergency Response Centers
  • Fire & Police Departments
  • Traffic Operations Centers
  • Container & Marine Terminals
  • Airport Control Centers
  • Tunnels & Bridges Control Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Exhibition, Conference Centers & Museums 
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals, Healthcare Centers & Assisted Living