Total Cyber Resilience
for your Mission-Critical
Operational Assets

The ONLY Autonomous OT Cyber Security solution
monitoring asset health directly from LEVEL 0

SigaGuard is an out-of-band, cybersecurity solution for Operational Technology (OT) environments, offering the most advanced detection and analytics of cyber-attacks on mission-critical automated equipment, machinery & processes.



Detached from any network

Plug & Play, “as a Service”, remote monitoring, agnostic to ICS platform


Monitoring “Electric Signals”

Gain visibility of deepest source of un-filtered, un-hackable and reliable data


Artificial Intelligence

Advanced machine learning to detect anomalies and deliver actionable insights

Detection of Preconfigured & “Hidden” Anomalies


Granular Visibility of OT Processes


operational technology cyber security

Independent Validation of PLC


Data Archive – Analysis, Forensics & Fast Recovery


Cyber Resilience Remote Monitoring


industrial critical infrastructure and cyber security

Regulation Compliance



SigaGuard for SOC and Managed Service Providers (MSSPs)

The SigaGuard unique, out-of-band architecture and uni-directional monitoring system, allows this solution to be deployed as a managed service. The system is the most reliable source of information for a SOC OT (Security Operations Center for Operational Technology), as the data is transferred in the form of electrical signals directly from the field devices without any connectivity to the network in a way that cannot be hacked or circumvented.

SigaGuard enables a wide variety of notification options, and also allows direct integration to SIEM-SOC via Syslog, XML or REST API.

SigaGuard As-A-Service for SOC and managed service providers (MSSPs) is an ideal anomaly detection solution, highly secured, reliable, un-hackable and very cost-effective.




The PRM (SigaGuard Reference), Parallel Reference Monitoring system, provides the customer with great value of immediate detection and alerting on a very dangerous Cyber-attack situation on PLC’s and control networks, similar to Stuxnet situations.
PRM was developed in order to compare in real-time between what’s really happening in Level 0 and what the operators are seeing in the HMI.
How? an attacker may cause a change in the process parameters and commands while “blinding” the HMI by presenting a false normal status to the operator. The PRM provides bullet-proof detection of this type of scenario.