Water Applications Brief

Water Applications Brief

Securing the Future of Water Infrastructure
A safe water supply and effective wastewater management are crucial elements of modern economies. To better manage growing demand, water authorities worldwide invest heavily in automation and computerization for water purification, wastewater management, desalination, storage and delivery.

Water infrastructure ecosystems have zero tolerance for downtime, human risk and failure. Yet despite ever-tighter regulations and increasing public scrutiny, reliance on sensor data for decision-making leaves critical water infrastructure dangerously exposed to attack or failure.

A History of Water Security Challenges
In 2016, hackers breached a regional US water utility, taking control of hundreds of programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) that governed the flow of water treatment chemicals and endangering thousands of lives. This incident, which in part led to the US Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, highlighted the inherent vulnerability of critical water infrastructure worldwide.

Most global water OT (Operations Technology) infrastructure, despite being automated and computerized, is still not resilient in the face of cyberthreats, natural disasters, and equipment malfunctions. Malicious manipulation of data or malfunction can leave operators blind to the actual state of critical assets and result in costly or even catastrophic downtime.

The Solution:
SIGA Incipient Failure Detection and Cyber Protection
Siga offers water infrastructure operators greater operational reliability and control over mission-critical systems – preventing service interruptions and enabling full compliance with strict regulatory regimes including the “Water Infrastructure Act”. With Siga, operators can be confident that they know, anywhere and in real-time the exact status of every critical component.

Siga uses machine learning-powered predictive analytics to protect critical water infrastructure assets by monitoring the electrical signals that control them. SIGA’s incipient failure detection technology directly monitors raw electrical signals – rather than data packets – to detect process anomalies faster, at far greater sampling rates.

Siga delivers unmatched visibility into physical processes – supporting more informed decision-making. The system provides customizable real-time alerts and enables water infrastructure operators to consolidate all critical sensor data into one platform for optimized situational awareness.

Our Value Proposition:
• Enabler for Safety & Regulatory Compliance (AWIA, EU and others)
• Enabler for continuous operation even when the SCADA system is compromised or shut down
Consolidation of data-critical points into one usable interface
Accessible and reliable awareness directly from the source, allowing you to know the actual status
Real-time alerts & notifications sent safely to any platform of your choice (SMS, e-mail etc.)
Asset performance optimization & early failure detection by ML providing actionable data


To see how SIGA’s technology applies to water management, download the full water brief here.