COVID-19 Outbreak Implications for the Industry and Critical Infrastructures

Corona Virus

Ensuring Operational Resilience and Continuity


The Covid-19 outbreak will have direct impact on global economy. Many industrial sectors and critical infrastructures worldwide have already been substantially affected, with anticipated adverse and even destructive consequences; production slowdown, operational disruptions, critical failures, unplanned downtime and exposure to safety and security risks. Urgent actions are needed to get prepared for the unknown.

Almost overnight, remote work by key operational staff has become mainstream!



100% Out-of-Band (CyberSafe) Solution for: Remote Monitoring, Anomaly Detection and Predictive Failure
while working from HOME

Companies around the world encourage key employees to work from home to prioritize the health and safety of their workforce. Consequently, constant exposure to operational disruptions, safety and security risks, is intensifying.

Empowered with SIGA’s unique technology, we have designed a powerful solution to enable management and operational teams to REMOTELY monitor and manage, even under these severe challenges.


Monitor Your Critical Operational Processes from Home

Prevent Unexpected Operational Downtime, Maximize Operational Resilience, Optimization and Security.

An autonomous, real-time and cyber-resilient solution, delivering unparalleled visibility, condition monitoring, anomaly detection and smart analytics, of process data of any mission-critical machinery and equipment.

Our tailored proposition for immediate deployment

  • Minimal human presence on-site for installation – plug & play.
  • Remotely monitor your critical processes, no necessity for operational and control staff on site.
  • Remotely detect anomalies, inefficiencies & evolving process failures – in real-time.
  • Un-paralleled granular visibility of your process data.
  • Autonomous & reliable Machine Learning Engine, generating alerts and insights directly from LEVEL 0 (electric signals at ICS process level).
  • Remotely access your archived data for analysis and fast recovery.
  • 0 exposure to cybersecurity attacks.
  • Continuous validation of PLC output.



Monthly subscription “pay-as-you-go”, starting at $990 per month!


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