SIGA webinar: How to prepare for a cyberattack & protect your industrial assets?

03 - June 2019
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Cyber-attacks against industrial facilities are intensifying. Such attacks have hit manufacturing facilities all over the globe, shutting down production lines and resulting in millions of dollars of lost revenue and downtime. This growing trend presents new challenges for OT, IT, CIO and CISO professionals from all verticals- even those who were not under threat until now.


Summary of recent cyber-attacks against industrial facilities; trends and insights
Review of traditional security methods and their limitations
Review of SIGA technology that enables real-time monitoring of raw electric signals (sensors & actuators) and detection of cyber-attacks against critical industrial assets.

Webinar takeaways- Receive an overview of ICS attack trends, understand the limitations of traditional defenses and the new approach for detecting cyber-attacks against industrial assets.
Presenter :
Ilan Gendelman, CTO, SIGA OT Solutions & Daniel Ehrenreich ICS Security Expert
The webinar will be held on 5.6.19 at 11:00 EST. For registration please Click Here.