Check the pulse of your machinery

Check the pulse of your machinery

The industrial world is evolving before our very eyes.

Machinery that was once “dumb” is now becoming increasingly connected and as a result, transforms into “smart”. This transformation (sometimes referred to as industry 4.0, smart industry/manufacturing, or Industrial IoT (IIOT) holds great potential for extracting more value from existing machines and equipment, but the right capabilities are required in order to realize this vision- first and foremost, the ability to obtain secure, authenticated and accurate sensory data from Industrial/SCADA systems.

This data then requires analysis, and tailored algorithms to turn into actionable insights, which are then presented to the operator and others for action.

SIGA, has developed a unique, U.S. patented technology to support this paradigm (I’m not just calling it unique as marketing jargon, Gartner named it a “Cool Vendor” and Key Industry Opinion Leaders agree- the technology is unique).

In a nutshell, the SIGA technology duplicates the electric signals from devices and sensors at a very rapid rate, “out of band” from the Windows IP network, analyzes the signals and provides alerts regarding any anomaly-to Industrial control systems, from a cyber attack to a faulty sensor or any abnormal operational pattern. We refer to this process as “Taking the pulse” of your machinery. What we mean is that SIGA can accurately diagnose the actual state and condition of the machinery on any ICS/SCADA system, and as such it’s an extremely effective tool to identify and provide alerts of any anomalies, that other systems who rely solely on digital data packet analysis (data that has been processed, digitized and “tampered”- simply cannot.

accurate sensory data from Industrial/SCADA systems

In order to duplicate the electrical signals from the devices (source) SIGA utilizes isolators conditioners, measuring transducers and communication hardware manufactured by PHOENIX CONTACT

Recently, PHOENIX CONTACT invited SIGA to integrate its unique technology with its trailblazing control technology – PLCnext®.

PLCnext is a unique, innovative concept in electrical control components. For the first time, it is possible to “self-serve” or download and install applications that provide additional benefits and value to owners, at the click of a button.

Think about it as a “machine learning app” but instead of downloading the app to your smartphone, they are installed on electrical instruments and provide operational control benefits including improved cyber security, safety and operational reliability.

Siga’s app; SIGACloud® for PLCnext”, can transform and communicate any data integrated into the PLCnext directly to the SIGA analytics and AI platform, where it can be processed and analyzed for actionable insights.

SIGA’s technology is now accessible for PHOENIX CONTACT customers, with legacy systems or new, cutting-edge equipment installations. SIGA real-time monitoring of raw electric signals and unique Machine Learning provides distinctive Situational Awareness, Operational Reliability and Cyber-Security solutions.

SIGA technology benefits for PLCnext customers include:

  • Real Time Visualization, Constant monitoring observation, Intuitive UI- Providing unparalleled situational awareness
  • Real time sensor health monitoring
  • Trend Visualization, Traceability & System Recovery
  • Archiving historical data: Forensics, analysis and recovery
  • Data Analysis of pre-defined and/or operator defined parameters for Immediate Operational Insights
  • Enables dynamic threshold calibration for monitoring, detection and alerts- On-line Operational Reliability and alerts
  • Enhanced alerts Monitoring engine that detects anomalies and deviations, based on pre-defined rules- Enhanced alerts Monitoring engine that detects anomalies and deviations, based on pre-defined rules
  • A non-Rule-based tool for monitoring, analysis, anomaly detection and alerts generated by Machine Learning Engine- fusing the operator’s experience & know-how into effective & immediate alerts
  • Zero Touch Deployment & Seamless Integration- Immediate, Self-Serve, Low Cost
  • Full Connectivity and immediate data transfer/ availability to 3rd parties- facilitating regulatory compliance, seamless integration into existing event & data aggregation systems


The integration of SIGA’s unique Technology with PHOENIX CONTACT’s PLCnext platform is an important step in SIGA’s ongoing efforts to become the industry-standard solution for securing OT systems.
SIGA is honored to collaborate with such a forward-thinking partner who has invited SIGA to participate in their exhibit at Industrie 4.0, Hannover Messe (April 1-5, 2019), where SIGA and PHOENIX CONTACT will demonstrate their joint offering.

Meet the SIGA team at the Hannover Messe, Click here.